Burial fees to nearly double in Ceredigion

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Burials in Ceredigion will not be subsidised by the taxpayer from next year, which will nearly double some cemetery fees in the county.

The cost of a first-time interment will rise from £311 to £600, while the charge to erect a headstone will increase from £76 to £150.

The charge for a second interment will be £600, up from £178.

The cost for non-Ceredigion residents rises 50%. Ceredigion council said fees reflected the "actual cost" of burials.

The new charges will be introduced in January.

A council spokeswoman said: "Ceredigion County Council's cemetery fees were reviewed and increased to reflect the actual cost which the county council incurs from its contractors in providing the service.

"The original charges were increased year on year by inflation, but did not take account of the actual cost of providing the service."

Ceredigion AM Elin Jones said: "It's a shame that the burial costs in Ceredigion will rise and they will inevitably hit the poorest members of our society the hardest.

"Unfortunately, these changes are a sign of the tightening financial circumstances of our local authorities in Wales as they try to respond to the impending cuts which the Westminster government will be passing down.

"I am, however, pleased that Ceredigion County Council are seeking to give preferential treatment to local residents in relation to the revised burial costs."

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