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Royal Welsh Show: Heatstroke cases subside

Heatstroke cases at the Royal Welsh Show have subsided after medical staff were overwhelmed earlier in the week.

On Monday St John Cymru-Wales staff at the Powys showground dealt with 190 cases, while on Tuesday there were 202, of which about 120 were heat-related.

They said visitors had now taken precautions against the heat on Wednesday and heatstroke had not been a problem.

However, staff still treated 139 people on Wednesday, most due to the heat.

Image caption A St John Wales ambulance picking up a patient at the Royal Welsh Show

They have seen nearly 550 people so far, compared to 480 last year.

Two people had to be airlifted to hospital separately from the showground at Llanelwedd on the third day of the event.

A woman who suffered a severe asthma attack was flown to hospital at Hereford, while a man with cardiac problems was airlifted to Swansea.

St John staff said they had also treated cases of sunburn and people with blisters.

St John assistant commissioner Hazel Cook said: "We've had a few people who've fainted in the heat, but we've had no heatstroke cases and we haven't been as busy as we were on Monday and Tuesday.".

A number of people suffering from heatstroke were put on drips on Tuesday, but they had not been used so far on Wednesday, Ms Cook said.

Posters were put up advising people to drink plenty of water, wear hats and use suncream.

"The message is starting to get across and haven't been as busy today," said David Gardner, St John commissioner for mid Wales.

St John declared a major heatstroke incident after being overwhelmed by people needing help on Monday and Tuesday.

Image caption An inflatable tent was used to treat people at the Royal Welsh Show

Such was the demand on Tuesday for space that some patients were treated in the centre's kitchen.

An inflatable tent was put up on Wednesday providing an extra 12 spaces.

A total of 392 patients were treated on the first two days. Last year there were only 480 for the entire week.

One of the hottest days of the year so far drew a record crowd to the show on Tuesday, and temperatures were high again on Wednesday.

St John has about 60 volunteers on duty at the event while the Red Cross has about 30.

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