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Milk prices: Farmers suspended protests for Olympics

Welsh dairy farmers have suspended their protests over milk prices during the Olympics.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) and the group Farmers for Action said they did not want to alienate support for the cause.

About 50 dairy farmers met at Welshpool Livestock Market.

After recent protests some dairies have cancelled plans to reduce the amount they pay producers for milk, but farmers want a longer term solution.

NFU Cymru and Farmers' For Action said milk producers in Wales and around the UK had both come to an agreement to suspend their campaign.

"This is a monumental sporting event and something which Britain should be proud of," said an NFU Cymru spokesperson, referring to the Olympics.

"In no way would NFU Cymru support any action which could disrupt this historic event."

NFU Cymru member and dairy farmer Maurice Jones, from near Montgomery, Powys, was at the meeting in Welshpool.'

Voluntary code

He said: "We've got the public on our side at the moment.

"They are sympathising on the cuts that we've had on the price for milk production. The supermarkets have reinstated their August 1 price drops.

"We must protect the general public, show them that we are really with them on this. We want their support to carry on, and we will carry on after the Olympics is over.

"We need to get the base price up for every producer. The middle ground markets, the smaller supermarkets have not come on board."

A draft deal agreed between dairy farmers and milk processors was drawn up at the Royal Welsh Show in Powys last week.

A voluntary code of practice will give milk producers more bargaining power.

The details will be negotiated between the two sides over the summer.

Following farmers' protest some of the larger supermarkets agreed to increase the amount they paid producers for their milk.

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