David Bowie death inspires artist's sand circle tribute

image copyrightSteffan Llewelyn

When music legend David Bowie died last week, an artist from Pembrokeshire was deeply affected.

Artist Marc Treanor knew he had to pay tribute to his music idol, so he did it in the only way he knew how.

He visited his favourite beach, Mwnt, near Cardigan in Ceredigion, and recreated Bowie's last album cover, Blackstar, in a sand circle.

The "simple" work of art was created in just an hour using only a rake, string and some sticks.

"Bowie has been such a key figure in my life, and it's very strange when someone who was important to you, but had never met, dies," he said.

"Mwnt is one of my favourite beaches and I felt I just had to do something."

Mr Treanor said his hobby is rapidly turning into a job.

"It all started off on a beach in north Cornwall - the kids and I thought we could re-create the crop circles on the sand and that was about seven or eight years ago," he said.

"I love it."

image copyrightSteffan Llewelyn

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