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Hand-reared Llandysul otter cub's RSPCA recovery

The otter cub Image copyright RSPCA Cymru

An otter cub in a "desperately sorry state" rescued in Ceredigion has been hand-reared back to health.

The six-week-old cub was found weak and lethargic in Llandysul in January, and weighed just 919 grams.

She was fed through a syringe and looked after by RSPCA officer Ellie West, before being transferred to a pen owned by a local badger group.

She will now be moved to a wildlife centre for at least a year before being returned to the wild.

Image copyright RSPCA Cymru

Ms West said: "It was really touch and go for this poor otter cub, who was in a desperately sorry state when I rescued her.

"So much energy and emotion has gone into helping and rehabilitating her, and - thankfully - she responded well to being hand-reared.

"It is hoped we will be able to return her to where she belongs - the wild - sometime in 2018, which would mark an amazing turnaround from when I first rescued this cub in Llandysul."

Image copyright RSPCA Cymru

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