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Stranded pony winched up 80ft cliff in Gwbert rescue

The pony was wrapped up and winched up cliff Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The pony was wrapped up and winched up cliff

A stranded pony has been winched up an 80ft (24m) cliff edge after becoming stranded on a shingle bed in Ceredigion.

RSPCA Cymru said the animal, believed to have been trapped for a week, was rescued in Gwbert on Thursday.

The pony was reached by boat and sedated before being lifted to safety by a team of 13 officers.

A veterinary inspection found the animal to be fit and well despite being weak from the ordeal.

Animal welfare officer Andrew Harris said: "This pony was in a hopeless situation and was facing certain death.. it was amazing to be involved in such a happy ending."

Image copyright RSPCA

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