Staylittle village in Powys gets full mobile connectivity

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Staylittle street sign

A Powys village dubbed one of the remotest in the UK now has full mobile connectivity after it was cut off more than 18 months ago.

Staylittle, near Newtown, had no mobile connectivity or broadband internet after the line went down in 2015.

A permanent mobile phone mast has now been erected, providing full 3G and 4G coverage to the village.

Residents and campaigners have described it as "a huge, positive change for the village".

Villagers were cut off for three weeks after the landline connection went down in August 2015.

A 2G mobile mast was later erected, which enabled voice calls and texts, but the new mast will allow villagers to connect to the internet and make calls from wherever they are in the area.

Brendan O'Reilly, chief technology officer at O2, said the company was "working hard to emulate this" connectivity in other rural villages across Wales.