Mid Wales

Money raised to buy land at Cefn Coch near Machynlleth for rare species

Cefn Coch mountainside
Image caption There was a deadline at the end of May to buy the land

A campaign to buy windswept land in Powys to bring back native species has reached its target.

The Woodland Trust has now been able to purchase Cefn Coch, 142 hectares (352 acres) of windswept land in the Cambrian mountains, and let it to the Wales Wild Land Foundation.

The plan is to turn it into a haven for native species like pine martins, red squirrels, water voles and dormice.

The organisations will plant 5,000 trees and let nature take its course.

These include birch, rowan, willow, alder, Scots pine, hazel, hawthorn and blackthorn which will act as a seed source on the neglected land, so it can regenerate naturally and encourage wildlife to return.

The groups had just two months to raise the £350,000 needed.

Image caption The Cefn Coch land is near Machynlleth in Powys

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