Sleeping artist wants to stage live exhibition in cube

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Lee Hadwin also has hopes of a clothing range

A Denbighshire-born artist who claims to sketch in his sleep is hoping to stage a live show in London.

Lee Hadwin, from Henllan, says he has contacted the Mayor of London's office and wants to sleep in a transparent cube in Trafalgar Square so passers-by can watch him work.

Mr Hadwin, 36, puts his unusual talent down to his brain "kicking in" when he sleeps.

Boris Johnson's office has been asked to comment.

Mr Hadwin has been doing what he calls "sleepwalking art" for years and says he only knows he has been drawing in his sleep when he suffers from a migraine the following morning.

He first started sleepwalking when he was about four or five years old "obviously just doing what normal kids do, running around the house and everything, nothing too serious".

Mr Hadwin says he does a lot of work with the charity Missing Persons and sees the Trafalgar Square idea as a way of raising funds.

He said: "I sent an email with the idea and I have got a meeting with my manager on Monday to discuss what the situation is.

"The idea was brought up about a year ago, and originally it was going to be Liverpool.

"We're now looking at Trafalgar Square, so I would sleep in a cube set up with cameras so that people could watch it everywhere.

Mr Hadwin said he had also signed a deal with a fashion label and is hoping some of his designs will be used in a clothing range for a high street retailer.

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