Ex-Flintshire council leader to ask for tribunal costs


A former Flintshire council leader is expected to ask councillors to reconsider their decision not to use public money to fund his legal bill.

Patrick Heesom, group leader of the New Independents, is being investigated by the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales over claims he bullied the council's former head of housing.

The council voted against paying more than £50,000 towards his legal costs.

The matter will be discussed at a meeting on Thursday.

Councillors were asked to consider paying towards Cllr Heesom's tribunal costs last week.

He made the application for financial help under the council's indemnity policy, and councillors were told the request was legitimate.

However, it was refused because councillors said they could not justify "writing an open cheque", and they decided to wait until after the tribunal to make a decision when the final cost was known.

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