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Wrexham bungalow repainted green after blue complaint

image captionNow... Wrexham council has approved Eric Lake's new paint job
Officials have given their backing to a council bungalow's new colour scheme after complaints when it was repainted "fluorescent" blue.
The householder, Eric Lake, said he only did it to cheer up his wife.
But complaints attracted attention from Wrexham council, where officials ordered it to be returned to its original grey.
However, after talks, a compromise was agreed, with Mr Lake using a more muted green tone on his home in Ruabon.
A Wrexham council spokesperson said: "I can confirm officers have visited the site and are now quite happy with the colour of the property."
image captionThen... the house attracted complaints when it was painted bright blue
The problem started 18 months ago with Mr Lake saying he was unhappy with the property's grey exterior because "life is depressing enough".
He said he and his wife Emily needed some brightness in their lives, so he chose Mediterranean blue for the rear of the house.
Wrexham council was able to step in because tenants cannot make alterations on a council property without seeking permission first.

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