'Panini Pavarottis' serving up songs in Flintshire

By Chris Dearden
BBC Wales News

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Richard and Adam Johnson say their customers first saw their potential

Two teenage brothers from Flintshire are hoping for a career as opera stars after starting singing as waiters in their parents' coffee shop.

Richard Johnson, 19, and Adam Johnson, 17, began entertaining customers at Temptations in Flint almost by chance.

They were spotted when they also went to sing in a local pub, and now have an agent and a producer, who hopes they will sign a record deal.

Regular customers are starting to call them the "panini Pavarottis".

The brothers say they do not have too many nerves when bursting into song as they deliver trays of coffee and sandwiches.

Adam said: "You just come from behind the counter, and occasionally there's a tune on the music system and you just go along with it really.

"When we get the reaction we do, it's quite amazing".

His brother said it was customers who first spotted their talents.

"They caught us humming and singing and said we had nice voices. I thought, 'oh I can hold a tune,' and eventually my confidence built up."

Richard sings baritone, while Adam sings the higher tenor part.

They had not been singing in the coffee shop for long when a friend suggested they have a go performing in a local pub. Another musician was so impressed he put them in touch with an agent.

Less than a week later, they were in a recording studio with music producer Gordon Lorenz, who said he was impressed with their talents.

"I have never heard two teenagers singing with the quality of voices, the depth of voice and the tonal quality of these two - it's wonderful.

"I remember going into the studio with Charlotte Church when she first started years ago, and there was electric in the air, it was very special.

"I've got exactly the same feeling about these boys."

Regulars eating lunch at the coffee bar said they were impressed.

One woman said: "Oh, they're brilliant - brings a shiver to you just listening to them. It was really lovely"

Another commented: "I was shocked, because when they bring your coffee, you don't think they can sing like that do you?"

Mr Lorenz has recorded a demo with the brothers, and said he was hopeful the teenagers would have a record deal in the future.

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