North East Wales

Flintshire death crash mother was 'in rush,' court told

A mother was in a rush to get her 11-year-old son to school when she caused his death by careless driving, Mold Crown Court has heard.

Karen Evans, 36, of Mancot, Flintshire, allegedly left it too late to turn off the A55 to get fuel, when she lost control of her car at Northop Hall.

Her son Jordan, who was late for school, was declared dead at the scene.

Mrs Evans denies causing death by careless driving, blaming a mechanical fault. The trial continues.

The court heard how Jordan, who had autism, had deliberately missed the school bus on 29 April 2010, and his mother decided to drive him to school in Flint.

The prosecution claim she was running low on fuel in her Vauxhall Corsa and made a last-minute decision - while overtaking another vehicle - to turn into a slip-road leading to services.

She drove from the outside lane, across the front of a car she had just overtaken, but then lost control, the court heard.


The car somersaulted on an embankment and ended up back on its wheels.

Jordan, a rear seat passenger, suffered a severe blunt force head injury.

Image caption Jordan Evans died at the scene, the court was told

Ms Evans' two daughters, aged three and 18, were also in the car.

She denies causing Jordan's death by careless driving, blaming the incident on a mechanical fault.

She told police the steering developed a shudder and she tried to slow down and turn safely into the slip road.

Prosecutor Oliver King said a police vehicle examiner found a loose nut on the steering wheel.

He said the steering wheel could move backwards and forwards, but that would not have affected the steering of the vehicle to the right or left.

The prosecution claim Ms Evans grossly over-reacted to the movement of the steering wheel, or had left it too late to exit the dual carriageway to refuel.