North East Wales

Llangollen dental workers' £30k damages at tribunal

Seven women who lost their jobs when a dental surgery closed in Denbighshire have been awarded nearly £33,000 compensation by an employment tribunal.

They had worked at Llangollen Dental practice when it ran into financial difficulties in 2011 and early 2012.

Another company took it over but then closed within a month denying responsibility for the women.

The hearing at Mold decided the new company, HC1156, was responsible and awarded the women damages.

Tribunal judge John Haul heard the women were all employed by Pawl Kusmierek and Magda Karasiewicz, trading as the Llangollen Dental Practice.

When it ran into financial difficulties it was taken over by HC1156 Limited, a subsidiary of the Velvet Group Limited.

All the employees transferred to HC1156 Limited on 5 March 2012 and they were told working practices would not change.

They received one month's wages, were introduced to the staff handbook, staff appraisals were arranged and everyone thought they were back on track.

However at a meeting on 19 April they were all dismissed.

Following the tribunal ruling on Thursday the women will receive between £1,500 and £9,000, depending on their length of service.

Former practice manager Susanne Davies said the women were delighted by the decision as they had been badly let down.

"Some women lost their homes and we all had bills to pay," she said.

The women's solicitor Tudor Williams said he was pleased for his clients because he said they had been treated unfairly under the rules of business transfer.