North East Wales

Giuseppe Michael Calvert jailed for family home arson

A teenager who set fires at a family home where three children were asleep has been jailed for three years.

Mold Crown Court heard Giuseppe Michael Calvert, 19, had been out of prison for just three weeks when he burnt the garage and tried to burn the back door.

Calvert, of Mostyn, Flintshire, admitted arson and being reckless as to whether life would be endangered.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said Calvert, who has refused to name an accomplice, had "learnt nothing" from his prison time.

The defendant was identified by CCTV cameras set up by householder Shafiul Islam following earlier anti-social behaviour outside the family home he shares with his wife and daughters.

The youngest girl was only three weeks old when Calvert struck, the court heard, leaving the family "terrified" despite them escaping safely.

The garage was destroyed, with its loss and that of its contents put at £11,000.


Judge Rowlands said: "This was quite a determined attempt to cause damage by fire.

"It had every prospect not just of causing injury but a real likelihood of causing serious injury or worse.

"This was a vulnerable family who fortunately had installed CCTV cameras which provided footage of you and a second man who you have refused to name.

"Whatever your motive, while the family slept you and a second man broke into the garage and deliberately started a fire there, before going to the back door and starting a second fire."

"You left no doubt feeling very pleased with yourselves."

The children had also been traumatised by the death of their pets, two guinea fowl, which were kept in the garage, the court was told.

Andrew Green, defending, said Calvert accepted his responsibility for what he had done after gaining an insight into his offending.

He had written a 27-page letter to the judge explaining his upbringing, his feelings and remorse and his determination to change his ways, he said.