First edition King James Bible uncovered at Wrexham church

King James BibleImage source, Revd Dr Jason Bray

A rare Bible dating back to the 17th Century has been uncovered at a church in Wrexham.

The first edition King James Bible from 1611 had been stored away at St Giles Parish Church for centuries.

But after being rediscovered by Rev Dr Jason Bray, it was sent to National Library of Wales which confirmed it is an authentic copy.

Dr Bray said: "It has seen better days but most of it is in remarkably good condition."

Image source, Revd Dr Jason Bray

In 1604 King James VI of Scotland, who had been England's king for a year, ordered a new translation of the Bible to be made.

Some 54 Greek and Latin scholars worked on what was to become the official version of the bible for the Church of England.

Dr Bray added: "Most churches had them but the fact ours is a first edition and it's been kept here all that time, it's really exciting."

The Bible will be kept at the church and Dr Bray hopes one day it can be given a proper display.