North East Wales

Denbighshire drones ban plan 'virtually unenforceable'

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Efforts to ban drones from being flown over public places in Denbighshire are "virtually unenforceable", a senior official has said.

Plans, backed by councillors in December, call for exclusion zones.

In a report to be discussed on Thursday, head of legal services Gary Williams says: "Merely passing a resolution banning drones would have no legal effect."

The UK Government is currently consulting on the safe use of drones.

Council officers have been examining what legal powers they might have.

Mr Williams said an order introduced in 2016 under the Civil Aviation Act dealt with drones and contained strict controls over their use.

"It does not seem possible to further govern drones in flight (but) it may be possible to regulate the take-off or landing of drones from council-owned property," he added.

"There is a risk that any byelaw created in respect of this issue is, to all intents and purposes, practically unenforceable."

Mr Williams said Welsh Government guidance states councils should not all adopt byelaws over the matter.

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