North East Wales

'Scare birds' idea to tackle Denbighshire seagulls


Issues caused by seagulls - such as littering, noise and damage - are to be tackled by Denbighshire council.

Moves being mooted include introducing "scare birds" in problem areas and making council buildings "seagull proof".

The council will also consider a by-law banning people from feeding them.

Its communities scrutiny committee met in Ruthin on Thursday and supported recommendations to explore options for reducing seagull-related problems.

Other suggestions included a campaign to educate people not to feed the birds and reducing the amount of waste food left out.

'Change in behaviour'

The council's head of planning and public protection Graham Boase said it had received regular complaints but needed the public's help to address the issue.

He said: "Many seagulls are protected and we need to be mindful that many see them as being an integral and traditional part of our coastal communities.

"What we want to see is a change in people's behaviour so that gulls are not fed from food and refuse left on our streets."

It has used a number of moves in the past, such as installing "angry birds" balloons to scare off seagulls.

Other councils have also faced problems, with Conwy council setting up a dedicated committee to look at issues in 2016.

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