Cyclists want ban ended on Llandudno promenade

Image caption, Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) Cymru says the ban on cyclists on Llandudno promenade should be lifted

Cyclists are putting new effort into a campaign to get the by-law changed to allow bikes on the promenade at Llandudno.

The Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) Cymru wants Conwy council to seek an independent appraisal of the ban.

The club says there would be no danger as collisions between cyclists and pedestrians are "virtually unknown".

But Conwy councillor Philip Evans said the change would be dangerous and the promenade was made for pedestrians.

Roy Spilsbury, of CTC Cymru Cyclists, says there was an opportunity four years ago to create and dedicate a section of the national cycle route on Llandudno promenade to the memory of four Rhyl Cycling Club members who died in a road collision at Abergele.

But despite public support Conwy council decided against the move.

"This simple act would have provided much needed comfort to those who had lost loved ones and added to the many examples of shared-use promenades in this country and abroad, to which Llandudno is a rare exception," Mr Spilsbury said.

Instead, he said Llandudno had "remained resolutely opposed to cycling on its vast promenade".

Mr Spilsbury said the recently launched Welsh National Transport Plan placed heavy emphasis on CO2 reduction and the importance of cycling in sustainable community planning.

Image caption, The cyclists say the road is very busy and dangerous

However, Conwy councillor Philip Evans said the ban was in place for a good reason.

"It is nothing new, and has been in place since the original act of parliament which allowed the promenade to be built in around 1876," he said.

He added that any cyclists who visit the town should come off their bikes to enjoy the view.

"There are also hotels which cater for people with disabilities, those with mobility problems, sight disabilities, and these people sue the prom too - and they need a safe environment in which to do so," he said.

Mr Evans said none of his electors had asked him for cycling to be allowed along the seafront.

Referring to visiting cyclists, he added: "Do they want to enjoy the place or just whizz though it?"

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