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Murdered Ffion Wyn Roberts' family may move from town

The family of a murdered Gwynedd woman say they are considering leaving their town because of their treatment by some in their community.

Ffion Wyn Roberts, 22, from Porthmadog was killed last April and Iestyn Davies, 54, convicted of the murder.

Idris and Bethan Roberts claim that since they have been ignored by some and refused service in shops.

They also want an apology for the arrest of both Mr Roberts and his son but police defended their actions.

Factory worker Davies was found guilty by a majority verdict at the end of the trial in Caernarfon Crown Court in April.

The judge ordered he must serve a minimum of 25 years.

'Hell and back'

But, speaking to the BBC in their first broadcast interview since the trial, the care worker's parents say some people do not believe the right man is in jail.

"People in Porthmadog are still saying that it's my son that's done it," said Mrs Roberts.

"They're absolutely wrong, and it's taking us through hell and back," she added.

Miss Roberts' body was found in a local drainage ditch after she disappeared on a night out.

Her father and brother, Elgan, were arrested a few days before her funeral but later released without charge.

Image caption Ffion Wyn Roberts, 22, was killed last April and Iestyn Davies, 54, convicted of the murder

Mr Roberts said that since Davies was convicted "a lot of people are ignoring us like we're putting him in jail for murdering our own daughter".

"I feel it's disgusting even some shops in Porthmadog won't serve us, " he added.

He said that despite the evidence some people still do not think Davies was responsible.

"We thought that all the people of Porthmadog would be behind us (after the trial) but unfortunately they haven't been," he said.

Mr Roberts said he was "shocked" when Davies was arrested as he had known him for years, and he had been to the house offering his condolences when Miss Roberts' body was found.

He said he "felt terrible" that both he and his son were arrested before the funeral.

Six to seven policemen had "barged" into his home, he said.

He had not been able to carry his daughter's coffin into chapel because of the arrest, he added.

"I wouldn't like it to happen to another family if they lose a daughter or son. There are things they (the police) could learn," he said.

Mr Roberts said the police have not apologised.

Image caption Mr Roberts says the way his family is being treated makes him feel 'terrible'

Mrs Roberts said she never believed her husband and son were involved.

"I knew that my husband and my son didn't murder my daughter," she said.

The couple said they would remember their daughter for her kindness and generosity and that life without her was "horrific".

Det Insp Neil McAdam from North Wales Police said many lines of enquiry had been followed and the family were one of them.

"Shortly after the start of investigation they were suspects and it was necessary to formally interview them," he said.

"However, as forensic evidence developed, it became clear that no one in the family could be the offender."

He added that once the full DNA results were known, Davies was "quickly identified and arrested and the family were eliminated from the investigation".

"Our investigation led to Iestyn Davies being found guilty with what the judge described as 'clear and compelling evidence'," said.

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