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Bryn Terfel carries Olympic torch at Faenol Park

Opera singer Bryn Terfel has run the last leg of day 10 of the Olympic torch relay as it continued its journey around Wales.

The bass-baritone carried the torch to the Faenol estate in Gwynedd. He used the torch to light a cauldron on a stage where a concert was held.

The torch started the day at Aberystwyth . Terfel said carrying the torch gave him "enormous pleasure".

Day 11 of the torch's journey begins at Beaumaris on Anglesey at 07:07 BST.

Speaking before the event, Terfel had told reporters he thought he would be running two legs of the relay but it turned out to be just the one.

"Isn't it an enormous pleasure to be part of such a fantastic event?" he said.

"I'm one of 8,000 people. It's a very theatrical experience and I'm used to theatre."

Asked whether he ever harboured any dreams as a sportsman, he said: "I think I'm a little bit old in the tooth to compete, but I was a very keen athlete.

"I was pretty good at the triple jump and high jump and not bad at the hundred metres.


"In a way I was sad that our schools didn't have the facilities then."

He added: "When I watch the Olympics I become such an emotional wreck. I've always loved the Olympics, be it the summer or the winter Olympics."

Terfel used to hold an annual music festival at the Faenol estate, until it was cancelled in 2009 due to financial problems.

This year the festival will be staged in London to showcase Welsh talent, but the singer confirmed he wants to bring it back to Faenol.

Torchbearer Allys Clipsham, 19, nominated for her community volunteering and football refereeing, handed the torch to Terfel.

Speaking before her turn, she told BBC Wales: "I'm really excited but the nerves are getting to me a little bit.

"When I put the uniform on it started to become real - I just hope I don't trip over."

Andy Walling, 39, from Bethesda, was nominated for supporting a bereaved family and sports community work and also carried the torch.

He said: "I've been amazed by the numbers that have come out to see the torch relay, so being a part of it is lovely."

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