North West Wales

Bangor student attack 'tarnished' city's youth

Three people have been convicted of a violent attack on students and their friends in Bangor.

Matthew Parry, 20, and Tyrone Davies, 18, both of Bethesda, and a 16-year-old boy, all denied violent disorder and two charges of wounding in April 2011.

One 17-year-old admitted the charges while two others aged 17 were cleared.

At Mold Crown Court Judge Niclas Parry said the reputation of the city's young people had been further "tarnished". Sentencing was adjourned.

Bangor has recently been in the headlines after the introduction of a city centre curfew on young people.

The court heard that the group of nine students and their friends were out celebrating a birthday on 16 April 2011 when they were surrounded by up to ten men on the steps to Bangor's Mountain View car park at around 21:00 BST.

The court heard how the violence broke out after comments were aimed at a young woman with dwarfism who was among the group of students and their friends.

When a friend of the woman asked for the comments to stop, he was kicked and punched and struck with a plank of wood, suffering a broken nose, cuts and bruises.

Another man was hit on the head with a bottle and kicked and punched while on the ground, the jury was told.

He lost consciousness, suffered a wound to the forehead, bruising and a broken jaw.

Three others in the party, including the two women, were also injured.

Another 17-year-old defendant who was found to have the blood from one of the victims on his jeans and trainer admitted all three charges at the start of the trial.


Two others, both youngsters aged 17, were cleared at the end of the prosecution case when the judge accepted their barristers' arguments that they had no case to answer.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, did not give evidence in his own defence.

Davies said he was present but remained drinking on a seat with a friend throughout and said he was not involved.

Parry, who said he had been drinking, claimed that he arrived as the violence was coming to an end and that he only punched out once, claiming he did so in self-defence.

The three were unanimously convicted of two charges of wounding, and violent disorder.

Following their convictions, Judge Parry told them to expect "lengthy custodial sentences".

The judge told them that the curfew on young people in the city had been considered "because of the behaviour of people like you".

"In the past three months the reputation of the city of Bangor, the reputation of the youth of the city of Bangor, has been tarnished," he said.

Sentencing will be carried out at the end of August.