North West Wales

Family killings: David Wyn Jones given indefinite term

A man who admitted the manslaughter of his wife and son has been sent to a secure unit for an indefinite time.

David Wyn Jones stabbed Suzanne Jones, 34, and two-year-old William at their home near Tremadog, Gwynedd, on 30 March.

He was sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court under section 37 of the Mental Health Act.

A previous hearing was told he had been the subject of delusional behaviour in the period leading up to the deaths.

Friends and neighbours of the couple are still coming to terms with what happened, said Dafydd Thomas, who lived near them.

"I only met David the day before it happened," he said. "I'd gone to see Su and he answered the door.

"I went through to the garden and he made me a drink of orange juice and we had a chat and he told me how he'd been on a diet and lost a few stone."

Mr Thomas said when he had asked Mrs Jones about her husband in the past she had often said that he was not well.

"She was a lovely girl, the sweetest girl you could meet, very loveable," said Mr Thomas.

"She used to come up here to the village, and was part of the playing field committee.

'Tragic loss'

"What happened was such a shock to everybody.

"I never thought anything was wrong at all. He was talking [the day before] and nothing seemed out of place," he added.

Following the sentence North Wales Police said Jones had shown "clear signs of mental illness" from the time officers had contact with him.

He admitted that he had killed his wife and son during interviews in the presence of his solicitor and appropriate adult.

"Two prominent psychiatrists both agree that at the time of committing this terrible act David Jones was seriously mentally ill," police said in a statement.

The family thanked all who had supported them since the killings, and they asked for continued privacy to deal with their "tragic loss".

"No form of sentence will ever heal the pain that family and close friends have suffered since the killings.

"They have shown enormous courage, strength and dignity throughout the investigation.

"They have maintained throughout that all they wish to see is for justice and fairness to prevail," the statement added.

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