North West Wales

'Arrogant' driver Paul Trenfield jailed for crash

A motorist described as "arrogant" by a judge has been jailed for 14 months for a head-on crash with a moped.

The collision left the 16-year-old bike rider with life-changing injuries, Caernarfon Crown Court was told.

The 42-year-old car driver, Paul Trenfield, from Abergele, Conwy, admitted dangerous driving on the A547 near the town last September.

He also received a three-year driving ban and must take an extended driving test before getting a new licence.

The court heard that Trenfield had being trying to overtake when his Audi car hit the moped, hurling the teenage rider into a ditch after the collision, described "like a fireworks display".


The 16-year-old sustained multiple fractures and has needed extensive surgery, including skin grafts, in what the prosecution said was a "slow and excruciatingly painful" recovery.

Jailing Trenfield, Judge Philip Hughes said: "It happened at night. You were hurrying to get home after a long journey and it's quite obvious you were frustrated because you couldn't pass the car in front of you.

"You overtook previously into the face of oncoming traffic some short while before the collision, and a motorist felt the need to flash his lights at you. That ought to have been a salutary warning to you."

"What you did on that occasion was foolish, arrogant, and very dangerous."