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Maesgeirchen social club demolition go-ahead expected

Maesgeirchen social club Image copyright Google
Image caption Campaigners say Maesgeirchen social club is designated for community use

The demolition of a social club to make way for a shop and 10 flats is expected to be approved by Gwynedd council.

A community council and residents have objected to the proposals for Maesgeirchen social club in Bangor, saying the new development would be "too big" and noisy.

There are also concerns the site is designated for community use, not for residential or commercial use.

The decision was previously deferred so councillors could visit the site.

A report before Gwynedd council said the new building would have the same footprint as the existing one - but protestors said it would be too large and not be in keeping with nearby buildings.

There were also road safety concerns, as it would be close to children's play areas.

The proposal is recommended for approval by councillors on Monday, subject to conditions.

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