Greens promise jobs in push for first assembly seat

image captionJake Griffiths urged people to give their second vote to the Greens

The Wales Green Party has said it would put Wales back to work as it launched its assembly election manifesto.

It offered a Green New Deal that would support businesses and create 50,000 jobs in a low-carbon economy.

The party would introduce a free insulation programme, aiming to insulate 40,000 homes a year.

The Greens are targeting the south Wales central region where they are urging people to use their second vote to elect the first Green AM.

Jake Griffiths, Wales Green Party leader and south Wales central regional candidate, said: "We're asking people to give their second vote to the Greens to defend public services and build the low carbon economy."

Appealing to people who voted Labour in the south central region at the 2007 election, he said: "If just a small proportional of these votes switch to the Greens we will have AMs that will stand up against the Conservative-Lib Dem attacks on our welfare state."

He said the key policy of insulating homes to tackle fuel poverty would cost £700 to £800 per house.

Mr Griffiths's party came joint fifth in south Wales central at the last assembly election with a 3.8% share of the vote.

The manifesto calls for half of Wales's energy to come from renewable sources by 2020 and reduce emissions from power generation to zero by 2030.

The Welsh Greens would phase out nuclear power - a policy area that is not devolved to the assembly - and oppose any new nuclear power stations. They would also stop further investment in coal-fuelled power stations.

The manifesto - called 2nd Vote Green - says "top bankers" continue to make money, while factories, firms and farms lay off workers.

"The Green Party plans to put Wales back to satisfying and meaningful work," it says.