Who'd work in an office like this?

Did you know, said a little (but telling) voice that the Welsh Government is property hunting in London?

I didn't and I don't think they were planning to mention it just yet - but now we do know there are plans to open a full time office, with a team of civil servants, in Westminster.

It might strike you as a government getting on with its job, one that is, in this case, about speculating on the rent in London, in order to accumulate jobs and contracts in Wales. This is about standing up for Wales and being seen to be standing up for Wales. Get over it.

It might strike you as a government that already has 'a very nicely appointed office' - and a pretty cheap deal at that - moving out primarily because they want to make a point, rather than make money for Welsh business. This is geographic as well as metaphoric distance, at a hefty price tag for Welsh tax payers.

Otherwise? The parties are looking to the New Year, working out what it is they should be saying and doing before May's local elections to gain ground/to avoid losing too much ground/ to warn us all they know ground will inevitably be lost.

More on that over the next few days.