David Beckham and Wales Office minister share 2012 role

Your starter for 10: what have the Wales Office minister David Jones and the multi-millionaire footballing style icon David Beckham got in common?

Mr Jones, so far as I am aware, is neither married to a (retired) pop star nor has devoted his body to tattoo artwork.

If you guessed that both have missed out on selection for the "Team GB" football squad you'd be getting warmer.

The right answer is that both have been selected as ambassadors for the London 2012 Olympics.

Mr Jones isn't in the running to light the flame in the Olympic Stadium but he is one of a number of government ministers and parliamentarians "from all parties" chosen as ambassadors for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

A UK government spokesperson said: "They will host senior domestic and international figures from the worlds of business, sport and government, as UK plc looks to take advantage of the many opportunities presented by London 2012. Ambassadors will also be some of the most passionate supporters of Team GB and Paralympics GB."

Ambassadors will also get tickets (although only one per ambassador) although it's not the sort of ambassadorial role that gains access to Ferrero Rocher.

Disappointingly, Mr Jones won't be wearing the official purple and red uniform of London 2012 although, in the name of transparency, I declare my own interest as a GamesMaker volunteer (in the mascot team). And, yes, come August, I shall mostly be wearing purple.