RESHUFFLE! Well, sort of.

You should always reshuffle your cabinet on a nice, Spring day when the sun is shining, a good time for a fresh start - or so said an adviser to Carwyn Jones a few months ago.

Mind you , he also said the First Minister believes his cabinet should be given two full years to prove themselves.

It is a nice Spring day.

First official tweet:

New Health Minister - Mark Drakeford. Surprise reshuffle, perhaps. No surprise at all in who take over at health. So much for the argument that said Lesley Griffiths was "the safest cabinet member of all" because the First Minister could not be seen to admit to a weakness in that brief or all. Will she get a job? FM low on women in his cabinet if not.

Best unofficial tweet care of @mikeparkerwales: "Just as well they don't use white smoke to announce the Welsh Govt reshuffle or they'd have to film it in England."

We have the answer: Lesley Griffiths stays in the cabinet as Local Government Minister. Another big portfolio. Out of the frying pan into the fire?

An unofficial suggestion that the former Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant goes to Housing.

We're being told the reshuffle is a 'restructure' as well but that doesn't mean a huge change in personnel.

Another official tweet: Gwenda Thomas remains Deputy Minister for Social Services - not the time for change as she steers through the Social Services bill.

16 03

#reshuffle is trending on Twitter ... in Cardiff. Not sure what exactly that tells you.

16.16 Janice Gregory remains Chief Whip ... and Edwina Hart arrives at Cathays Park. Our colleagues standing outside report "no cheery wave".


No cheery wave but Edwina Hart still has her job - and more. She is now Minister for Economy, Science ... and Transport is back in the brief. But Business? Where's that gone?


The unofficial suggestion that Huw Lewis leaves Housing proves right. He will now be in charge of Communities and Tackling Poverty. Both he and Edwina Hart - former leadership contenders - survive then. Carl Sargeant does indeed go to Housing and Regeneration and is "very pleased". It is, he says, a vote of confidence in him from the First Minister.

So: Education, Education, Education?


It's Leighton Andrews. Despite the many rumours that a new job would be carved out for him - Business and Budget seemed the favourite - he stays put to forge ahead with, if not finish, what he started.

So on a fine spring day - it's more fine tuning than anything else, though Carwyn Jones will hope his refreshed cabinet will get its message across with renewed vigour - and more success.

Jane Hutt stays in charge of finance, John Griffiths stays too but takes over as Minister for Culture and Sport. Should we start calling this a mini-reshuffle - or simply the day Carwyn Jones sacked hisHhealth Minister? What will the more ambitious AMs on Labour's backbenches call it we're starting to wonder?

You'll find the changes to the cabinet in full here.