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Drop Sun's topless Page Three pictures, AMs say

Calls for the Sun newspaper to drop topless pictures of women from Page Three have been made by a cross-party group of assembly members.

Labour's Rebecca Evans said "half naked women just aren't news".

Plaid Cymru's Lindsay Whittle said the feature was based on "demeaning" women and "well past its sell by date".

But Conservative Janet Finch-Saunders asked why a woman "proud of her body" should be denied the choice of appearing in a major newspaper.

Ms Evans and Mr Whittle, joined by other AMs from all four political parties in the Welsh assembly, backed the "No More Page Three" campaign which is calling for the feature to be scrapped.

Earlier this year media mogul Rupert Murdoch hinted on Twitter that The Sun's Page Three topless models may be replaced with a "halfway house" of "glamorous fashionistas".

But the paper's new editor David Dinsmore said last month it would continue to print the pictures because it was what readers wanted.


Ms Evans told AMs: "Page Three normalises the trivial objectification of women, entrenches inequality and sexist attitudes and well, quite simply....half naked women just aren't news."

However Ms Finch-Saunders said she was concerned about the tone of the debate.

"If a woman is proud of her body and she chooses to actually allow herself to be shown on a major newspaper, on Page Three, do you think that we have a right here to deny her that choice?" she said.

She added that people also had a choice to purchase the newspaper or not and "they wouldn't buy it if it was so offensive".

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