Hairdresser, musician, PPS: new man at the Wales Office

It's the last day of term for MPs. Most have already left for sunnier climes or their constituencies.

The Lords plough on for another week - they are currently debating the Wales Bill.

The normal business of government goes on. Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb is this evening meeting Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to discuss a possible deal over electrification of the Valley Lines railway. Giving the Welsh government more time to pay for it appears to be on the agenda as a way out of a long-running spat.

Mr Crabb has also made an interesting choice as his parliamentary private secretary - his "eyes and ears" around Westminster.

David Morris is MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale and a former owner of hair salons in the north west of England (fill in your own beard trim joke here). His early career was spent working for the music producers Stock Aitken Waterman.

He once played guitar in a band with Rick Astley, the singer on such hits as Never Gonna Give You Up and Whenever You Need Somebody. As a songwriter, he wrote for Sonia, Brother Beyond and Jason Donovan. He is one of only two MPs (I think) to have appeared on Top of The Pops, even if his keyboard skills were faked in a mimed performance with Mr Astley - who Mr Morris knew as "Richard".

His experience of Welsh politics appears to be limited - he fought Mr Crabb's neighbouring seat of Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire in 2005 - but that is not why he has been recruited to the PPS role.

And if things go pear-shaped in the Wales Office, guitarists Morris and Crabb can stage their own jamming session. You can read a BBC profile of the new PPS here.