Lib Dem leader uses Glasgow speech to focus on England

By now you probably know about the big announcement from Nick Clegg's speech.

It's an interesting and significant one, about giving mental health treatment the same priority as physical health.

But the announcement applies in England alone. You might think it slightly odd that the leader of a UK party chooses to brief only the English element from a speech he is making in Glasgow.

That's a point I (and a Scottish colleague) put to Nick Clegg's spokesman. He assumed we were interested only in constitutional stuff and pointed out that Mr Clegg had spoken at length about devolution on Saturday. Indeed - this is how I reported it. at the time - I try to avoid reporting things twice.

I didn't necessarily expect a devolution angle, although I did think someone who (notionally) wants to be prime minister might want to speak to the whole of the UK.

Having turned the mansion tax into an English tax, the Lib Dems seem content for the big announcement from their leader's speech in Glasgow to apply to England alone. It would be interesting to know what the 11 Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs and the party's three MPs in Wales make of that.