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Wales 'relegated' on BBC News website, says AM

BBC News site in 2015
Image caption Users have to click on UK before they see the Wales tab

Wales has been "relegated to the second tier" on the new look BBC News website, a Liberal Democrat AM has complained.

Eluned Parrott said the lack of a Wales link on the website's main page was "deeply disappointing", with users having to click on UK to find Wales.

The desktop version of the BBC News website was switched off on Monday, with visitors directed to a newer, responsive design.

The layout adapts to the device used, be it a desktop PC, tablet or mobile.

"Since the advent of devolution across the UK, the BBC has played a crucial role in ensuring people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are able to easily access news about our own public services, and not just those of England. This Anglo-centric redesign undermines much of that work," she said.

"In an age when the public are becoming more disengaged with politics and as devolution and the public's understanding of it still growing, the BBC as a public broadcaster should do more to promote Wales and Welsh news."

The BBC has said the move reflects a change in how the majority of visitors are consuming their news.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "To allow the new, responsive BBC News site to work well on all screen sizes, we have simplified the navigation options and brought all the nations together under a UK tab.

"The new site makes it easy to find Welsh news, and to set your location to wherever you are in Wales."

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