Brexit: Liam Fox promises full support for Welsh firms

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Liam Fox: "Every part of the UK deserves our support"

Welsh businesses will get the "full support" of the UK government as Britain leaves the European Union, the international trade secretary has said.

Liam Fox was visiting Airbus in Newport and meeting other key business leaders.

"Every part of the UK deserves to get the support of the UK government," he said.

Asked about suggestions that the UK would consider paying for access to the EU single market, Dr Fox said ministers were looking at "all the options".

It follows comments by Brexit Secretary David Davis and Chancellor Philip Hammond on Thursday that some contributions to the EU budget could continue.

Speaking to BBC Wales after meeting company bosses on Friday, Dr Fox said: "I want to ensure that businesses in Wales become just as successful if not the most successful of all the exporters that we have in this country."

Looking ahead to Monday's Supreme Court hearing on Brexit, Dr Fox said the Welsh Government had a right to make its case if it is "legally permissible".

"But ultimately the government will follow the instruction of the British people and we will leave the European Union because that is what our democracy is based upon," he added.

The Welsh Government is urging the Supreme Court to uphold a High Court ruling that the UK government must consult Parliament before triggering the formal Article 50 process of leaving the European Union.