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'A vote for Plaid is for independence', says Andrew RT Davies

Andrew RT Davies
Image caption Andrew RT Davies addressing the conference on Friday morning

A vote for Plaid Cymru in May's local elections is a vote for independence, Andrew RT Davies has said.

The Welsh Conservative leader said Nicola Sturgeon wanted to "build a wall to break Scotland off from the rest of the United Kingdom".

He said the move would mean the closure of hospitals and schools and less money in people's pockets.

Speaking to the BBC at the Welsh Tory conference in Cardiff, he called a vote for Plaid Cymru "dangerous".

Mr Davies told BBC Wales' Sunday Politics programme Ms Sturgeon was following the example of "her nemesis from the other side of the Atlantic, Donald Trump, to build a wall to break Scotland off from the rest of the United Kingdom".

At the conference, he outlined his party's opposition to the SNP's call for an independence referendum before the UK leaves the EU.

Mr Davies said: "What's dangerous is that Plaid Cymru are trying to make the same case here in Wales to break Wales off from the union of the United Kingdom.

"Let's not forget every vote in these local government elections for Plaid Cymru will be a vote for nationalism and independence.

"It won't be a vote for local services, it'll be a vote for independence. That's the agenda they are pushing."

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