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'Don't give May blank cheque on Brexit' says Lib Dem

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Media captionMark Williams says Theresa May should not be given a "blank cheque" over Brexit

Voters should not give Theresa May "a blank cheque" over the Brexit negotiations, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has said.

Mark Williams told a BBC Wales debate that people should have the right to have their say over the Brexit deal.

He also said the Lib Dems would not go into coalition with Labour or the Conservatives.

"No coalition with Mr Corbyn. No coalition with Mrs May", he said.

Speaking on Ask the Leader, he said: "Theresa May is asking for a blank cheque.

"I don't think many of you would give someone a blank cheque if you didn't have some indication of what the outcome would look like".

"The country voted for departure but the destination is unclear and that's why I believe the country should have the vote," he told a studio audience in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent - a county which voted to Leave the EU.

He acknowledged that MPs would have a say but believed voters should as well.

Mr Williams told the programme: "What the public need to reflect on is whether that vote should be for one for politicians alone or for yourself.

"I believe that if democracy started the process, and the country did speak, and democracy should end the process as well.

"I don't think that we can understate the enormity of the decision that is before us."

Expert view - from Nye Davies of Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre

After the vote to leave the EU, many might have expected the Lib Dems to position themselves as the main opposition to the Conservatives on Brexit.

The party campaigned heavily for Britain to remain a member of the EU - if this election is about Brexit, surely the Lib Dems will be able to pick up a number of votes from those who voted to remain?

Also, the party would be hoping to win over voters disillusioned with the current turmoil in the Labour Party. Unfortunately for the Lib Dems, the hoped-for fight back has not materialised.

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