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Corbyn's leadership of Labour 'not an issue' for voters

Jeremy Corbyn arrives at the BBC to attend various radio and television programs in central London Image copyright Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party has become less of an issue for voters on the doorstep, the shadow Welsh secretary has claimed.

Christina Rees said Mr Corbyn had been "brought up a lot on the doorstep to begin with" but had since "rallied the troops" and "motivated people".

She said voters were "really turning on to what Welsh Labour can deliver", adding: "Leadership is not an issue".

"We have a mountain to climb and we're clawing back", she said.

She described his performance in front as a live TV audience on Monday as "exceptional".

She said: "Jeremy was brought up a lot on the doorstep to begin with, at the beginning of the campaign, certainly, but his performance since - I mean he has been round the country, he has been rallying the troops, he has been motivating people, and now people on the doorstep are really turning on to what Welsh Labour can deliver and the values we have, true socialist principles."

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