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General election: Brexit 'rearranging chairs on Titanic', Green leader claims

Grenville Ham
Image caption Climate change will have "very, very significant effects on our way of life", says Grenville Ham

The leader of the Green Party in Wales has claimed Brexit will not solve the major long-term problems facing the country, such as climate change.

Grenville Ham told a BBC Radio Wales election phone-in that negotiating a deal to leave the EU was like "rearranging chairs on the Titanic".

However, he supported continued freedom of movement as sectors such as social care depended on foreign workers.

The Greens had one MP in England and are fighting 10 of the 40 Welsh seats.

'Deep-rooted problems'

Speaking on Election Call with Dot Davies, Mr Ham said climate change was going to have "very, very significant effects on our way of life".

He accepted Brexit was "probably one of the most defining themes" of the general election.

But he added: "It's pretty much just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

"I can't see how it's going to solve the deep-rooted problems that we face."

Mr Ham denied that the Greens were a one-issue party concerned only with climate change.

He pointed to policies on raising the minimum wage and introducing a universal basic income to tackle poverty, and a shorter working week to reduce stress and improve people's balance of life.

Mr Ham admitted the Greens had not made the progress in Wales they had enjoyed in other parts of the UK, but hoped to make a "breakthrough" at the next Welsh Assembly and council elections.

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