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General election 2017: Farron defends care policy attack

Tim Farron
Image caption Tim Farron has spent much of the past week criticising the Conservatives on social care

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has defended attacking Conservative social care policy while visiting Wales, even though it only applies in England.

He said the "Welsh family farm" was "at risk" from Tory proposals to change the way people pay for elderly care.

But social care provision in Wales is handled by the Welsh Government.

Challenged on a visit to a farm in Montgomeryshire on Tuesday evening, Mr Farron said the Tory policy had implications for cross-border farms.

"If you have a situation where you end up with people's homes at risk, particularly if you are cross-border farming, you end up in a situation where your home could be cashed in, and that, if it's the farm, could potentially impact future generations down the line," he said.

"But these are issues that will indeed be decided on Thursday," Mr Farron added.

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