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Plaid Cymru reject Conwy council Tory/independent deal

Conwy council offices - photo by Meirion Image copyright Meirion/Geograph
Image caption Conwy council offices in Bodlondeb

Senior figures in Plaid Cymru have refused to give their approval to an administration formed of Plaid, Tory and independent councillors in Conwy.

Council leader Gareth Jones, a former Plaid AM, formed his cabinet earlier this week with Plaid, Conservative and independent councillors.

But Plaid's National Executive Committee has ruled against the move.

Mr Jones said he was "very disappointed", claiming nothing in Plaid's constitution blocked it.

Plaid's party chairman Alun Ffred Jones said: "Plaid Cymru's National Executive has rejected a proposal to form a cabinet with the Conservatives on Conwy Council.

"Plaid Cymru councillors will not form a cabinet involving Conservatives."

Image copyright Conwy council
Image caption Gareth Jones had wanted to appoint a cabinet made up of members from all groups

In response, Gareth Jones said: "I ask for a detailed and thorough explanation of why exactly this decision was taken.

"I see nothing within Plaid's constitution that blocks this.

"This decision will negatively effect our work locally, and it will stop many talented people from working in many important areas."

Mr Jones, who was elected leader of Conwy council last month, had said he wanted to appoint a cabinet made up of members from all political groups.

But only the Conservatives and one of the independent groups agreed to join.

The cabinet was initially formed of four Plaid and five Tory councillors, and one independent member.

But it has now emerged that one of the Plaid members of the council cabinet, Trystan Lewis, has resigned.

He said his presence in the administration had put his party in a "difficult position".

In a statement on Facebook he said: "I believe my being in the cabinet has put Plaid Cymru in a difficult position.

"My loyalty to Plaid Cymru is absolute, but I'm still sad that an opportunity has been lost locally".

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