Brexit: Welsh MPs join rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy CorbynImage source, House of Commons
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Jeremy Corbyn has said the UK needs "tariff-free access" to the European single market

Seven Welsh Labour MPs have rebelled against the party leadership on an amendment to the Queen's Speech.

They voted for keeping the UK in the EU single market after Brexit, despite being told to abstain by their party.

Chris Bryant, Ann Clwyd, Stephen Doughty, Susan Elan Jones, Madeleine Moon, Albert Owen and Jo Stevens were amongst 50 Labour MPs who rebelled.

The amendment, put forward by Labour MP Chuka Umunna and also backed by the four Plaid Cymru MPs, was defeated.

Three Labour frontbenchers were sacked for defying the party whip in the vote and shadow transport minister Daniel Zeichner resigned.

An official Labour amendment to the Queen's Speech, calling for a Brexit deal that would deliver "the exact same benefits" as the single market and customs union, was defeated by 323 to 297.

The minority Conservative government's package of legislation for the next two years later cleared the House of Commons by 323 votes to 309.