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Boris Johnson pledge to nations on Brexit deal approval

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Media captionBoris Johnson pledged the deal would have the "endorsement and approval" of devolved governments

UK ministers are working closely with Welsh and Scottish counterparts "to make sure" the final Brexit deal has their approval, Boris Johnson has said.

The foreign secretary told MPs the UK government would achieve this via the joint ministerial committee process.

Plaid Cymru hailed this as "seemingly a major concession" from UK ministers.

On Monday, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones urged the prime minister to listen to voices outside the Westminster "bubble" on Brexit.

Responding to a question from Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said: "We work closely under the joint ministerial committee to bring in the devolved administrations and to make sure that the great deal we're going to get has their endorsement and their approval."

Mr Edwards had asked the foreign secretary to ensure "in the spirit of co-operation" that the final Brexit deal was endorsed by the devolved parliaments before it was signed.

"This is seemingly a major concession from the British government and one that Plaid Cymru has been calling for since before the referendum was held," Mr Edwards said afterwards.

"Wales, as an exporting nation, has a major stake in these negotiations and it is right that the final deal should be endorsed by all four countries before it is signed."

He added: "The British government must now stick to its word and I will be seeking clarity from the prime minister and the Brexit secretary to ensure that the foreign secretary's concession today is honoured."

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