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Neil McEvoy appeals against Plaid Cymru suspension

Neil McEvoy
Image caption The South Wales Central AM hopes to make a "positive return" to the Plaid group

Neil McEvoy has confirmed he has lodged an appeal against his suspension from Plaid Cymru's assembly group.

Party leader Leanne Wood said his behaviour had caused "distraction and disruption" and was "clearly breaching" rules on party discipline.

Mr McEvoy had been accused by a Plaid colleague of undermining party policy on tenants' right to buy council homes.

He said he hoped to make a "positive return" to the Plaid group, with his appeal set to be heard in November.

The AM for South Wales Central is understood to be asking that he is treated the same as other AMs, who he believes have differed on party policy but have not been suspended.

"The public and members of Plaid Cymru expect me to be treated in exactly the same way as any other Plaid AM. No different, no favours, just a straight line for all of us really," he told a press conference.

"In terms of the apology, what we need is a party where people can have a different point of view and can say what they think."

A source initially told BBC Wales that Mr McEvoy had no plans to apologise in the appeal.

Mr McEvoy however added on Tuesday morning: "The reality is informally and person to person I've already said to people if you're bothered by what I said, or if you felt that I compromised you in any way, I've already apologised."

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Image caption Leanne Wood said she could not allow elected members to act in a "detrimental" way

Mr McEvoy has been sitting as an independent member of the assembly since September, when his Plaid colleagues voted unanimously to suspend him from the group for the second time this year.

Ms Wood told BBC Wales at the time there had been "a number of incidences over the summer talking about policy, for example, attacking other members of the group and generally not treating other members with respect".

Mr McEvoy is also the subject of an ongoing internal inquiry within Plaid Cymru into his behaviour.

A Plaid Cymru spokeswoman confirmed Mr McEvoy notified the party of his intention to appeal against his suspension.

"It would not be appropriate for us to make any further comment," she added.

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