Nigel Farage's judgement is shot to pieces, UKIP AM says

By Cemlyn Davies
BBC Wales Brexit reporter

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Nigel Farage and Gareth Bennett
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Gareth Bennett (r) praised Nigel Farage (l) for establishing UKIP but said he should be expelled

Nigel Farage has "effectively joined the Remain camp" in hinting he could back a second referendum on Europe, a UKIP assembly member has claimed.

The former UKIP leader said it could end the "whinging and whining" of anti-Brexit campaigners.

Mr Farage later said another referendum was "the last thing he wanted".

South Wales Central AM Gareth Bennett claimed his political judgement was "shot to pieces" and called for him to be expelled from UKIP.

Mr Farage claimed on Thursday the Leave vote would be greater if a second referendum was to be held and the result would "kill off" the Remain campaign.

However, UKIP leader Henry Bolton said the idea of a second referendum was not party policy, claiming it could be "damaging to the nation".

The party's leader in Wales Neil Hamilton has also rejected the idea, suggesting Mr Farage was "just being mischievous".

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Gareth Bennett: Nigel Farage has effectively joined the Remain camp

Mr Bennett told BBC Wales on Friday: "The only people mooting the possibility of a second referendum are people who don't want us to leave the European Union.

"Why would you run the risk? We've won the vote, why would we put that at risk by having a second one?

"By even publicly floating the idea of a second referendum Nigel Farage has effectively joined the Remain camp.

"He has done an extraordinary amount of good work to establish UKIP in the first place but all political careers come to an end and really this does signal the end of the political career of Nigel Farage".

Mr Farage and Mr Bennett have previously clashed over comments Mr Bennett made while campaigning for election to the Welsh Assembly in 2016, while Mr Farage was still UKIP leader.

He said he was "less than impressed" by Mr Bennett - then a candidate - for blaming eastern European immigrants for problems with rubbish on the streets of Cardiff.