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Corbyn-May Brexit debate 'grave dereliction', says Plaid

Panel in 2017 general election TV debate
Image caption Other parties, including Plaid Cymru, taking part in a BBC TV debate before the 2017 general election

A BBC TV debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would be "a democratic disaster", Plaid Cymru has warned.

The prime minister has accepted the BBC's offer to take part in a debate on Brexit on Sunday 9 December.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has yet to confirm if he will take part, saying he prefers an alternative proposed by ITV.

Plaid Cymru said the BBC had a "responsibility to reflect all voices". The BBC stressed it would "announce further details soon".

There have already been calls for other voices to be part of any Brexit TV debate.

Mrs May has rejected the idea, saying she and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn represented almost 90% of MPs in the Commons between them.

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Image caption The BBC said it was delighted the prime minister has agreed to take part in its Brexit debate

But a Plaid Cymru spokesperson said the party would call on the BBC to change the format of the debate programme.

In a statement the party said: "This is a democratic disaster for the BBC to shut out the voices of tens of thousands of people. As a public broadcaster, if this debate goes ahead without the representation of a diverse range of voices, it will be a grave dereliction of duty.

"Putting two pro-Brexit politicians up to debate policies which we know are not feasible is beyond irresponsible.

"Wales has been side-lined throughout the Brexit process - the media is now perpetuating this issue. As a public service broadcaster, the BBC has a responsibility to reflect all voices -this proposals fails that test miserably.

"We will be making representations to the BBC calling for the format to change."

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Media captionJeremy Corbyn tells the This Morning programme he prefers ITV's Brexit debate proposal

The BBC said in a statement: "The prime minister has accepted the BBC's offer to take part in a debate on the Brexit deal on Sunday 9 December.

"We're delighted she's agreed and hope to hear soon from the Labour party. We have been discussing debate formats with both parties and will announce further details soon."

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