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EU elections: Farage launches Brexit Party campaign in Wales

Nigel Farage and Nathan Gill
Image caption Nigel Farage campaigning alongside Nathan Gill in Caerphilly on Tuesday

The main UK political parties have "wilfully decided to go against" the 2016 EU referendum result, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said.

Mr Farage was launching his party's Euro election campaign in Wales, in Caerphilly.

He said the fact all four Labour candidates in Wales wanted another EU referendum showed the "huge gap between people and politicians".

The elections take place on 23 May, with eight parties standing in Wales.

The Brexit Party has been formed by Mr Farage to fight the European elections, campaigning for the UK to leave the EU straight away.

Ex-Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe is joining the party's campaign with a visit to Newport on Tuesday evening.

Mr Farage said he was in Caerphilly three years ago ahead of the referendum and "had a strong sense in much of south Wales that leave would win".

"Here I am three years on, the reason I'm back is not as a tourist it's because it has not been delivered," he told BBC Wales.

"I think both of our main parties have wilfully decided to go against what the people of the UK voted for in that referendum.

"Now we have a European election to fight.

"Very interesting here in Wales, all four Labour candidates for the European Parliament all want a second referendum and are all Remainers.

"It sums up I think in many ways the huge gap that exists between people and politicians."

Earlier, the Brexit Party's lead candidate in Wales, Nathan Gill, urged Leave supporters to use their European election vote to send a "strong message" to Westminster, saying people had been "betrayed".

Image caption Nathan Gill was elected as an MEP for UKIP in 2014

Mr Gill, elected as a UKIP MEP in 2014, said: "People are angry, people need to know what they can do.

"And we're saying to them, you can have another vote.

"You can go to the ballot box and you can reiterate that message that you gave in 2016 that you just want to leave the EU."

UKIP came a close second to Labour at the last European elections in Wales in 2014.

Mr Gill then led the party into elections in the Welsh Assembly, but after party rows left UKIP in the assembly and then the assembly itself. He quit UKIP last year, following Mr Farage's decision to leave the organisation.

"We have none of the past problems that UKIP had," Mr Gill, who leads the Brexit Party list for Wales, said.

"We are just about making sure that Brexit is delivered, and that's what people voted for, that's what they wanted, that's what they expected.

"That's what we all thought was going to happen on the 29th of March, and here we are, three years after we voted to leave, and we're being asked to vote in the European election - it's unbelievable."

The European Parliament elections in Wales

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There are eight parties fighting for four seats in the planned European elections in May.

Welsh Labour, the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party are joined by Change UK and the Brexit Party.

You can find a list of candidates here.

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