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Brexit: Theresa May has reached 'the end of road'

Stephen Crabb
Image caption Stephen Crabb predicts disastrous European election results for the Conservatives next Thursday

The prime minister and government have reached the "end of the road" on Brexit, an ex-Welsh secretary has said.

In a speech, Stephen Crabb said the Tory party and Parliament appeared helpless and bereft of leadership.

Mr Crabb said that it had been a time when the governing party needed to bring its "A-game".

He said: "We instead served up Brexit the soap opera, a gripping and riotous comedy...and a seemingly never-ending stream of Second World War metaphors."

He made his comments as Theresa May held talks with senior Conservative MPs who are demanding she sets a date for her departure from Downing Street.

Mr Crabb, Conservative MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire, said Parliament had entered a state of sclerosis with only one vote in the Commons in more than a month.

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Image caption Theresa May is under growing pressure from her own MPs to quit

Addressing an audience at Bournemouth University, Mr Crabb said: "Nothing of any real consequence is happening there day to day," he said.

He went on: "No other issue has left our party and parliamentary system so exposed and appearing so helpless and bereft of leadership and purpose as Brexit."

He said it had become incredibly difficult to have a rational conversation about potential compromises over Brexit.

He predicted disastrous results for his party at next week's elections to the European Parliament.

"Next Thursday we are going to learn in a very painful way that there is not a bottomless pit of public goodwill and sympathy." And the former minister said the likelihood of Mrs May getting backing for her Brexit deal in one final attempt in the Commons next month was "very low".

"This government has reached the end of the road and I am very sad to say also for this prime minister who I have backed fully."

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