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EU elections 2019: Who are Wales' newly-elected MEPs?

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The four winning candidates have been named to represent Wales in the European Parliament.

However, it remains to be seen if they will take their seats and how long they will sit, depending on how Brexit goes.

So who are the people Wales voted to represent them in Brussels?

The Brexit Party - Nathan Gill and James Wells

Image caption Nathan Gill was elected as an MEP for UKIP in 2014

Nathan Gill was elected to represent UKIP as a Welsh MEP in 2014, later winning election to the Welsh Assembly in 2016.

He quit the assembly following a power struggle within the UKIP group, but remained a UKIP MEP.

Mr Gill is politically close to Nigel Farage and joined his new Brexit Party when it was formed earlier this year.

Image caption James Wells quit his job at the Office for National Statistics to stand for the Brexit Party

Also elected was James Wells, second on the Brexit Party list.

A former civil servant, he quit his job as head of UK trade at the Office for National Statistics to join the campaign.

Labour - Jackie Jones

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Image caption Jackie Jones is a former president of the European Women Lawyers Association

Jackie Jones taught at Cardiff Law School and is a former president of the European Women Lawyers Association.

She and all the Labour candidates in Wales said they were in favour of a fresh referendum with the option of remaining in the EU on the ballot.

Derek Vaughan, the sitting Labour MEP, stood down at this election.

Plaid Cymru - Jill Evans

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Image caption Jill Evans has been an MEP since 1999

Jill Evans defended her seat in the European Parliament, where she has represented Plaid Cymru since 1999. She is a former chairwoman and president of the party.

Plaid Cymru backs a further referendum on Europe and also advocates a vote on Welsh independence.

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