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Mark Drakeford wants details of £110m extra cash claim

Mark Drakeford Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mark Drakeford: "I'm afraid we have been around this circuit too often"

Wales' first minister has questioned whether there will be new money for Wales after Boris Johnson announced a £1.8bn cash boost for England's NHS.

Mark Drakeford said the Welsh Government will have to study the "fine detail" of the funding.

The Welsh Conservatives claim ministers in Cardiff will receive an extra £110m of new money.

Speaking at the National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst, Mr Drakeford said his government must "see the small print".

Welsh Labour's leader added: "I'm afraid we have been around this circuit too often before where money is announced with one hand and when you look at the detail you find money has been taken away with the other.

"It's good to know there will be a consequential of the money that has been announced. It's all capital, it's not money you can use to run services.

"It's money you can use for equipment, machinery, new buildings and if money comes our way we will find very good uses for it."

But Mr Drakeford insisted the Welsh Government has not seen the details of the announcement yet.

He said: " We've seen the headline, our officials are working with the Treasury officials to get the fine detail and then we'll know whether there really is new money for Wales and how much it will be."

The Welsh Conservatives' shadow health minister Angela Burns AM said: "The £1.8bn for the NHS in England will mean that the Welsh Government will receive an extra £110m of new money.

"I would urge the Labour government to spend it on our neglected Welsh NHS and ensuring our hard-working NHS staff have everything they need to care for patients."

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