'No election win' for Labour says one of its Welsh MPs

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BBC Wales Live Debates in Swansea
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There would be 'no overall winners' in a general election - until Brexit is resolved, the Gower Labour MP told BBC Wales Live

A Welsh Labour MP does not think Jeremy Corbyn can win an election while Brexit is causing political "disarray".

The Gower MP Tonia Antoniazzi said Brexit had to be "done and sorted" first and no party could currently win a Commons majority.

Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies said an election would bring an end to a "stalemated Parliament".

MPs vote on Boris Johnson's plan for a December 12 poll on Monday.

Speaking on the BBC Wales Live Debate from Swansea on Sunday, Ms Antoniazzi said: "We shouldn't be having a general election because of the state of politics at the moment. We have got to get Brexit done and sorted.

"I hope we would win a general election but I think we've to be realistic. We're in more disarray. We wouldn't have a majority in the House of Commons."

She added the prime minister's Brexit deal had to be fully scrutinised and then put to a referendum: "We want to get this back to the people so that they can decide if they want that type of Brexit".

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A general election would bring "more disarray" says Labour's Tonia Antoniazzi

But the former leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly, backed the prime minister's Brexit deal and the proposal to go to the polls on December 12.

"The biggest act of democracy is a general election where this stalemated Parliament can brought to an end and a new Parliament convened and the wishes of the British people can be enacted by the government of the day," said Mr Davies.

He added: "If you haven't got a government in place that can deliver on the withdrawal agreement or any of the other proposals, then you stay in this log jam and this this log jam is doing the country no good at all."

The Brexit Party assembly member, Caroline Jones, also backed the Number 10's plans: "I want a general election because then for once we would have a majority government who could deliver on the promise of the people.

"There is no democracy because Parliament cannot get its act together. It's like a political football."

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But Plaid Cymru's Dai Lloyd said his party wanted a final-say referendum - not an election.

"Let's put Boris's deal versus Remain and then you chose," he said.

For the Liberal Democrats, Layla Moran backed her party's plan with the SNP, which would introduce a bill that enshrines a 9 December election in law - subject to a Brexit extension to 31 January.

She said: "Our proposal takes no deal off the table and allows that general election before any withdrawal agreement, before anything that Boris Johnson has negotiated is passed and you people decide whether you want that deal or not, or would you rather stop Brexit."

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